Power shutdown areas in Theni - September 2021

Today Power shutdown areas in Theni (01-09-2021 to 30-09-2021)


Power Shut Down in Theni District

The power supply will be suspended in the following areas on Today from 10:00 am to 02:00 pm for maintenance work. Supply will be resumed before 04:45 pm if the works are completed.

Power shutdown areas in Theni (01-09-2021 to 30-09-2021)

Power Shut Down 17-09-2021 

Town: Rasingapuram
Substation: RASINGAPURAM 110 KV
Area affected: Rasingapuram and surrounding areas

Power Shut Down 18-09-2021 

Town: Chinnamnaur
Substation: Markayankottai
Area affected: Ammapatty,Pallavarayan patty,Kundalanayakkanpatty,and surrounding areas

Town: Cumbum
Substation: CUMBUM 110 KV
Area affected: Cumbum,Gudalur,Uthamapuram,Dugaiyammankoil areas.

Town: Madurapuri
Substation: MADURAPURI 110 KV
Area affected: Madurapuri,thenkarai,collectarate,kailasapatty and surrounding areas

Town: Periyakulam
Substation: PERIYAKULAM 110 KV
Area affected: periyakulam,lakshmipuram,vadugapatty,Annanji and surrounding areas.

Town: Thevaram
Substation: Thevaram
Area affected: Thevaram and surrounding areas.

Power Shut Down 21-09-2021

Town: Bodi
Substation: BODI 110 KV
Area affected: Bodi,meenachipuram,Anakkaraipatty,Kurangani and other surrounding areas

Town: Chinnaovalapuram
Area affected: Chinnaovalapuram,odaipatty,Marikkadu and surrounding areas

Power Shut Down 22-09-2021

Town: Aundipatty
Substation: ANDIPATTY 110 KV
Area affected: Andippatty,Ethakoil.Balakombai,Vellaper koil,Rosanapatty and surrounding areas

Town: Annanji
Substation: ANNANJI 110/22 KV SS
Area affected: Annanji,Vadugapatty,Madrapuri,Bommaiyapatty.

Power Shut Down 23-09-2021

Town: Uthamapalayam
Substation: UTHAMAPALAYAM 110 KV
Area affected: Uthamapalayam,Rayappanpatty,Pannaipuram,Ambasamuthiram and other surrounding areas.

Power Shut Down 24-09-2021

Town: Gandamanur
Substation: Gandamanur Vilakku 110/22KV SS
Area affected: Gandamanur villaku,prithathukaranpatty,Annamill and other areas.

Power Shut Down 27-09-2021

Town: Vannathiparai
Substation: VANNATHIPARAI 110 KV
Area affected: Vannathiparai .pump house and other areas

Power Shut Down 28-09-2021

Town: Gandamanur
Substation: GANDAMANUR 110 KV
Area affected: V.C.Puram,Ambasamuthiram,Thadichery,Thappukundu and other areas.

Town: Kamatchipuram
Substation: KAMATCHIPURAM 110 KV
Area affected: Appipatty,Kamatchipuram,Thenpalani,and other areas.

Power Shut Down 29-09-2021

Town: Vaigai Dam
Substation: VAIGAI DAM 110 KV
Area affected: Vaigai dam, Jambuliputhur,Vadugapatty,Melmangalam and other areas.

Town: Theni
Substation: THENI 230 KV SS
Area affected: Theni,P.C.Patty,KOdangipatty,Boothipuram and other areas.

Power Shut Down 30-09-2021

Town: Kadamalaikundu
Area affected: Kadamalaikundu,Athangaraipatty,Myladumpaarai,Varusanadu,Arugaveli, Kumanamtholu  and surrounding areas. 

Town: Veerapandi
Substation: VEERAPANDY
Area affected: Veerapandi,Uppukkotai,Manikkapuram,Doumbuchery and other areas.

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