Power shutdown areas in Ramanathapuram - February 2021

Power Shut Down (01-02-2021 to 28-02-2021)

The power supply will be suspended in the following areas on (01-02-2021 to 28-02-2021) from 09:45 am to 04:45 pm for maintenance work. Supply will be resumed before 02:00 pm if the works are completed.

Power Shut Down (05-02-2021)

Town: R.S.Mangalam
Substation: R.S.MANGALAM 110 KV
Area affected: R.S.Mangalm,Sanaveli,Veliyakottai

Power Shut Down (06-02-2021)

Town: R.S.Madai
Substation: R.S.MADAI 110 KV
Area affected: pattinamkathan,ammankoil,silampodu,Surankottai,muthunal,idayarvalasai

Town: Regunathapuram
Area affected: regunathapuram,periyapattinam,therkukattur,kumbaram, muthupattai,koravalli, thamaraikulam

Power Shut Down (12-02-2021)

Town: Perungulam
Substation: PERUNKULAM 110 KV
Area affected: kalugoorani,Keelanagatchi,Thamaraikulam,Panaikulam,Coastal camp

Power Shut Down (18-02-2021)

Town: Uppoor
Substation: UPPUR 110/33 KV SS
Area affected: uppur,morepannai,kadalur,Melasithurwadi,Kavanoor,Thothiyendal

Power Shut Down (19-02-2021)

Town: Perunali
Substation: 33/11KV/SS/PERUNALI
Area affected: Perunali,Kompoothi,Nerunjipatti,

Town: Kadaladi
Substation: KADALADI 110 KV
Area affected: Kadaladi,Sayalkudi,Orivayal

Town: Sayalkudi
Substation: SAYALKUDI 33 KV
Area affected: Sayalkudi,Mundal.Sevalpatti,Keelamaram

Power Shut Down (20-02-2021)

Town: Paramakudi
Substation: PARAMAKUDI 110 KV
Area affected: Paramakudi,Manjur,Emaneshwaram,Perumalkoil

Town: Kavanoor
Area affected: Thiruvarangam,Kavanoor

Town: chatrakudi
Substation: CHATHIRAKUDI 33 KV
Area affected: Chatrakudi,alanganoor,Kolunthurai,Manjur,idampadal

Town: Neeravikarisalkulam
Substation: N.KARISALKULAM 33 KV
Area affected: Neeravikarisalkulam

Town: Nainorkoil
Substation: NAINARKOVIL 33/11 KV SS
Area affected: Nainorkoil,Pandiyur,Kadaranthakudi,Maruthur

Power Shut Down (26-02-2021)

Town: Valinokkam
Substation: VALINOKKAM 110 KV
Area affected: Valinokkam,Sikkal,Industrial area,Melasirupothgu,Keelasirupothu

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